Gerrymandering is election stealing.

Gerrymandering is the act of redrawing congressional & legislative districts for political gain. It's a technique that allows political incumbents to cheat at elections, giving themselves an advantage of several percentage points by decreasing the power of diverse voters. It's the reason that the winner of the presidential election lost by three million votes but still won the election.

Politicians shouldn't be able to choose their own voters.Like ATTN: Video on Facebook.

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Gerrymandering is manipulation.

Does gerrymandering sound too awful to be real? It's real. It's become this bad because US citizens haven't taken five minutes to understand the issue and speak out against it.

Gerrymandering aka partisan redistricting aka ratf**king is the deliberate manipulation of political boundaries for electoral advantage, usually of incumbents or a specific political party. It's the practice of politicians picking their voters instead of voters picking their politicians. States draw their district lines to take away the power of the votes that would count against them.

Gerrymandering is often the product of extreme partisanship, latent bigotry and voter disenfranchisement. In 2010, lawmakers spent tens of millions of dollars to draw the most partisan gerrymandered districts for safe re-election rather than creating fair, diverse districts that represent the diversity of the great United States of America.

Gerrymandering is moneyball for politics.

They think we're too stupid to understand it and too lazy to do anything about it.

Gerrymandering is voter disenfranchisement.

Gerrymandering is dismantling our democracy by silencing America's voters.

If we can stop gerrymandering, our votes will actually count and candidates will have to work for their votes. Citizens will be heard and democracy will be restored.

We can end these racist, unconstitutional, voter-silencing practices.

We can take back our constitutional rights to freedom of speech and due process.

We can take back our civil rights.

We can stop gerrymandering now.

Our Congress is less popular than herpes. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Gerrymandering is extreme partisanship.

Gerrymandering is not a sexy issue. It's a systemic issue that encourages divisiveness and bigotry in politics. And as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Holder and Barack Obama know, gerrymandering is the most important political issue to solve right now.

Gerrymandering is giving the fox the key to the henhouse. We need to take away the power for partisan politicians to draw their own lines and give that power back to independent non-partisan citizen commissions. Mathematicians have already figured out how to create less partisan districts. Lawmakers now just have to agree to hand over the keys.

Incumbents drunk with power won't give up the keys to redistricting without a fight. They'll stall. They'll resort to name-calling. They'll call each other hypocrites. They'll do anything to avoid handing over the keys.

Democratic and Republican legislators have become alcoholics, drinking that Gerry-Aid in their thirst for power. But if US citizens are vocal about the issue of gerrymandering, then our representatives will be forced to address it.

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Gerrymandering is the force behind hyper-partisan, obstructionist politics.

Gerrymandering is a way for politicians to silence voters who disagree with them. Don't stay silent. Call your representative and your governor today and ask them where they stand on gerrymandering. Let them know that you count.