Form 1040 from the 45th President’s 2005 tax returns

In case Rachel Maddow and David Cay Johnston’s sites are still crashing, here’s the document.

Tax Returns of the 45th United States President: Form 1040 (2p).

Getting money out of politics is an essential component to putting a stop to gerrymandering. Tens of millions of dollars have gone to initiatives like REDMAP, the RSLC Redistricting Majority Project, to gerrymander districts in favor of certain incumbents for political gain.

At its core, our democracy is about upholding the Constitution. The Constitution affords US citizens certain rights, such as freedom of speech and due process. The 14th Amendment protects our right to vote by guaranteeing that our votes count. One person, one vote. Simple. Yet gerrymandering weakens the votes of US citizens who disagree with an incumbent. This erodes our democracy.

Talk to your reps and your governor. Help put an end to gerrymandering now.

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