Hi, I’m Gerry. I’m a supervillain personification of a problem called gerrymandering.

My superpower is to draw geographic borders to help my politician friends get elected.

Want some more voters? I’ll scoop them up! Wanna delete idiots from the other side? Down they go!

Oh, and I’m quite racist. I often re-draw borders based on race, which is illegal. Who cares!

3 out of 4 Americans are against me, but you’re all too stupid to do anything. The day is mine!

With my friends in total control of the House, my shields are at full capacity! There’s no escape!

My shields of gridlock are my strongest powers. But there is one way to disable them. Here's how.

First, a robot would use algorithms to draw options for equal-population, non-partisan districts.

An independent commission would then use established tests to measure bias and pick an option.

If your state rep rejects the proposal, you would then contact them to demand why.

When they make an excuse, talk to @Stop_Gerry to get a rebuttal. Push on every channel.

I’m telling you this because you’ll never beat me. I’m too powerful, and you’re too lazy & stupid.

Gerrymandering is the force behind hyper-partisan, obstructionist politics.

Gerrymandering is a way for politicians to silence & disenfranchise voters who disagree with them. Don't stay silent. Call your rep and your governor today and ask them where they stand on gerrymandering. Let them know that you count.